We’re not going to assume that you’ll want to spend a million dollars if you go shopping this weekend, but just in case you do we’ve compiled this list of luxury items and amenities will either drain your bank account 10 times over or put a small dent in your yearly salary.
Have a look and either get your shopping list ready or enjoy living vicariously through our blog!

Carved out of an enourmous block of quartz found in Brazil, this bathtub by the Italian luxury furniture manufacturer, Baldi, will set you back over $1 million.
An old favourite of ours! The magnetic floating bed designed by our man in Amsterdam, Janjaap Ruijssenaars. Is $1.53 million too much to pay for a bed? Probably! But this one floats so really, does the price matter when the novelty factor is so high?
Say goodbye to back pain in the Ares Line Xten office chair. But first cough up $1.5 million.
Not technically something everyone in your house can enjoy, but the Victoria’s Secret VS Bra is worth $5 million, making it a very expensive addition to your closet. We even think this thing might warrant it’s own private closet.
$1 million floor tiling by Pietra Firma. It’s encrusted with diamonds… because that just makes sense.
The $1.7 million pool. When his company was bought out for a hefty sum by Goldman Sachs, Matthew Cody decided to spend the money on a pool that he hoped would evoke images of the lost city of Atlantis. Success?
Famed French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s armchair sold for $28 million at a Christie’s auction. What do you think, is it worth $28 mill? It doesn’t look very comfortable to us…

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