Surely one of the most sought after spaces for ads in any city, the facades and sides of tall buildings are a perfect place to attract the attention of passersby.
Whether walking, jogging, biking or sitting in traffic, your eyes are sure to be drawn to large signs and murals on nearby buildings. “The more creative, the better” is what we always say so we hope you enjoy this list of the 7 most creative ads on buildings.
Thanks to Bored Panda for the pics! We hope you enjoy!

We hope that the car is well-secured for the sake of those strolling down below.
Looks like Jenga! Believe it or not, this is an ad for a milk company.
The Axe Calendar. The BuzzBuzzHomies prefer Old Spice and their awesome ads, but at least Axe is trying.
A bit of a sobering ad compared to the rest of our selections, but this is a good way to remind people to check their gas. Any tips on where this ad is would be appreciated!
Typical Tarantino…
Gotta watch out for those free kicks when the balls goes astray.
That van owner is going to be awfully mad when he comes back. Oh well, their loss made for one awesome Coop’s Paints ad.

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