We were always a bit suspicious about the legitimacy of this outrageously expensive house and now it seems the blogosphere has debunked its existence. We still think it’s fun, so we’re leaving the post up both for kicks and for those curious as to what a $12.2 billion house might comprise (hint: there are dinosaurs involved).

A house in a remote area of Switzerland has been transformed into the world’s most expensive abode, costing $12.2 billion to create.

We had a hard time believing it at first, especially since the exact location of the dwelling is being kept under wraps, but now that we’ve seen photos it must be true!

World famous luxury designer, Stuart Hughes teamed up with Kevin Huber of exklusivHAUS based in Zug, Switzerland for a client who could afford to shell out the biggest of bucks for this outrageously expensive home.

The ubiquitous solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings and the 200,000 kilograms of precious metals used in the house sound almost tragically common when you hear about the meteoric stone and shavings of 65 million year old dinosaur bone used throughout the flooring.

Seriously? Dinosaur bones? What did they do, raid a museum?

These aren’t features we’ll be seeing in new luxury condo suites any time soon, so it’s safe to say that the name of the game here is exclusivity.

The house took five and a half years to construct and the owner has remained anonymous to all except those involved with the project. The size of the property is 2442 square metres while the living space is 725 square metres. It also features a 388 square metre terrace and a 245 square metre cellar.

All we can say is WOW…. and can we come to the housewarming party?

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