The image above is a very cool interactive infographic created by American real estate listings and information website, Trulia. Based on traffic on Trulia and Trulia Mobile between June and August 2011, the graphic provides insight into what time of day people are most likely to be searching for homes online, what type of device they’re using and a state-by-state breakdown of these stats.

We were somewhat surprised by the low number of people using mobile devices to search. We guess it demonstrates that while smartphones and tablets are very useful (and cool!), people still have not fully embraced them as tools for researching housing. Across the board, 82 per cent of searches on Trulia originate from a computer in the US, while only 18 per cent originate on mobile devices.

A few states bucked the trend though. In Georgia, 69 per cent of searches originated on a computer while 31 per cent came from mobile devices while in Washington 45 per cent originated on mobile devices.

This second colour-coded graphic only takes computer searches through Trulia’s listings into account. What it tells us about people’s search habits is quite intriguing.

While not everyone is a 9-5er, it’s safe to say most Americans work at jobs that adhere loosely to these hours. What this indicates is a significant number of people are searching for houses, condos and rentals while they’re at work, especially on Mondays and midday on Wednesday and Thursday.

What’s equally interesting is what these stats tell us about our work habits. Are people distracted at work or does this just mean that when people are multi-tasking, sometimes one or two personal chores wind up in the mix with work-related tasks?

The interactive graphic also provides insight and potential comparisons in ongoing market activity in all 50 states. So cool!

While these are all American statistics, the BuzzBuzzHomies have noticed similar trends in site activity, especially on Mondays and early to mid-afternoons during the middle of the week. Looks like Canadians are just as likely to be searching for houses while working the ol’ 9-5. Don’t worry though, we won’t tell your bosses.

Will there be another BuzzBuzz infographic in the near future reflecting Canadian search trends on our site? You’ll just have to keep checking back here to find out! 

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