Pennies can be a bit of a nuisance. They bulk up your wallet and are hardly worth bending over for when you drop one.

People counting out pennies in front of an exasperated cashier must be near the top of everyone’s all-time pet peeves list, but if you don’t count your pennies every now and again, your wallet will hit critical mass quite quickly. So what can you do?

One inventive, do-it-yourself interior designer thought of a great way to put those excess pennies to work.

We found these photos on one of our regular afternoon Internet patrols and were surprised that these backsplashes looked so awesome completely covered in pennies.

Now that’s an interior design idea that really makes cents!
According to the user who uploaded these photos to a message board, the pennies were glued to medium-density fibreboard and then a construction adhesive was used to stick the pennies to the board and the boards to the wall. The penny backsplashes have been grouted flat and a brush-on polyurethane was applied to ensure it’s easy to clean.
Judging by the prevalence of Canadian pennies on the wall, it looks like the DIY designer is a Canuck!
Here are a couple more pics so you can get a better idea of just how many pennies were involved. Photos and awesome idea are courtesy of “rohnjyan”.

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