Do you like cars, cash, condos AND helping kids?

If you do, and you happen to live in BC, then we definitely suggest that you buy a few tickets for the Variety Children’s Charity Lottery.

One of the awesome prizes up for grabs is comprised of a sleek Ferrari California, $375,000 in tax free cash and a one-of-a-kind luxury condo at Tsawwassen Springs, the new development in Tsawwassen, Delta by Shato Holdings and Talisman Homes.

That’s quite a prize! We’ve been following Tsawwassen Springs since it was first launched back in June and have loved what we’ve seen so far. Surrounded by mountains, beaches and swaths of idyllic wilderness, it’s really a nature lover’s dream yet it’s only a 30 minute drive away from Vancouver.

The development will also feature an 18 hole golf course with an 32,000 square foot clubhouse, as well as a neighbourhood grocery store and a cafe.

Regular blog readers also may remember this development
as the one that Pat Quinn, Michael Buble and Bruce Allen have invested in. Gotta love that celeb seal of approval!

So are you picking up the phone to buy a ticket (or 12) yet? We honestly think that the Tsawwassen Springs suite alone is worth the price of a ticket, but the Ferrari and money are sweetening the pot in a big way!

Variety – The Children’s Charity helps families, communities and organizations by
raising funds and distributing grants throughout BC. Their lottery adheres to an equation as old as the Pythagorean theorem: great cause + great prizes = great contest.

Click here for more info on the Variety Children’s Lottery and the Tsawwassen Springs prize. For more info on the development visit the website or email

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