The end of the summer… Yes folks, we’re almost there, so if you’ve been putting off doing something outdoorsy for the last few months, you might want to get on it because the clock is ticking!

We’re assuming that most developers and sales centre staff have realized this fact and are taking the Labour Day weekend off to canoe, camp or cruise in their convertibles.

We know that, in Toronto, they’re all heading to the CNE for the air show and some Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers. That’s the only way to explain the lack of development industry events geared toward potential homebuyers.

But there’s one intrepid sales team that isn’t letting the long weekend get in the way of a good event. So if you happen to be looking for a home in Sicamous, BC then you’re in luck.

Let’s hear it for Sicamous! Sicamous! Sicamous! Okay, let’s get on to the event details…


Legacy on Mara Lake by Sable Developments: Long weekend sales event, 12pm, Saturday and Sunday, 326 Mara Lake Lane, Sicamous.

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