When we first posted a story about the “for sale by owner” guru hiring a brokerage to sell his swanky Manhattan apartment, we thought it would be a one-off post that would get some laughs.

Well, it definitely got some laughs, but we were totally wrong about the “one-off” part. Who’d have thought that the saga would continue with a fresh twist?

Colby Sambrotto, the co-founder and former COO of ForSalebyOwner.com, is now suing Bond New York Properties, the brokerage that helped him sell his tony Chelsea pad. He also is suing the two brokers that inked the deal for him.

He’s likely upset about the whole Wall Street Journal article pointing out the irony of the situation and then the whole going viral on the Internet thing that happened after that.

According to Sambrotto, the salesmen “willfully, wrongfully, and surreptitiously disclosed confidential information regarding the defendants’ brokerage relationship with the plaintiff to third parties, including but not limited to The Wall Street Journal, without the plaintiff’s knowledge or consent.”

He also feels that the subsequent stories posted on the Internets that took their cues from the WSJ article made him seem like a hypocrite and a poor businessperson. Now he wants $5 million in damages and another $64,500 for failure to provide required disclosure forms. That’s a decent hunk of moolah!

Maybe all this will be settled soon in or out-of-court, but you never know. There might be a final M. Night Shyamalan-style twist in store for us. We just hope it’s more Sixth Sense than The Village, cause that movie was baaaaaad.

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