A rare sight in Nairobi.

Okay, “pretty good” is actually overstating it a bit.

Originally we were going to call this story “parking in Toronto is actually pretty good compared to other cities in the world where drivers fight each other over parking spots or just give up altogether” however that seemed a tad long-winded.

But let’s stop circling around the block on this one and get to the point: a recent survey by IBM has found that out of 20 cities across the globe, Toronto is the third easiest to park in.

Los Angeles and Chicago placed ahead of Toronto in the survey while Montreal came in fifth after Buenos Aires.

The parking index was calculated by surveying 8,000 drivers on how long it takes to find a space, disagreements over the parking space, parking tickets received and if they can even find a space at all.

For Toronto drivers it takes an average of 13 minutes to find a parking space while the global average hovers around 20 minutes. We know what you’re thinking, 13 minutes still is a long time! Well thank your lucky stars you aren’t a driver in Nairobi. It takes an average of 30 minutes to find parking in the Kenyan capital and 13 per cent of driver reported searching for a spot for over an hour.

Yikes! Imagine if you were in a hurry…

Driving around searching for a spot can be torture, but unless your name happens to be George Costanza, most people would rather do that than fight another driver for a spot. The survey found that New Delhi drivers are most likely to argue over a space with 58 per cent of drivers admitting to at least one fight. In a global context, one-quarter of respondents said they argued over a space with another driver.

Torontonian drivers score points for remaining calm. Along with Chicago, Los Angeles and Montreal, only 13 per cent of drivers reported that they’ve fought over a spot.

Our relatively good parking stats are also good news for the environment. According to Jean-Francois Barsoum, an IBM spokesperson, a long search for parking spaces results in 30 per cent more traffic congestion. All that idling is no good  for the environment.

Alright Torontonians, the next time you’re frustrated with your 13 minute search for a parking space, just be thankful you didn’t have to circle the block for an hour or fight tooth and nail with another driver for your spot.

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