Last week we wrote about the new Toronto by-law requiring every building over 1,000 square metres (10,700 square feet) to prominently display the architect’s name on a plaque.

Tridel‘s Reve Condos could be the first to adhere to the new by-law, posting a plaque with the name of the King West development’s architect on the building.

We thought this was super neat, but what’s just as neat is Vu, the downtown Toronto project by Aspen Ridge Homes, has had a plaque with the architect’s name on it since 2010 (pictured above left). The law was passed in 2011, so it seems like Aspen Ridge just thought it was a cool idea to create the plaque (which it totally is!).

Is there another developer that’s had the name of its architect prominently displayed before Reve and Vu? If you know of one, snap a photo to send in or point us in the right direction so we can see it for ourselves!

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