Did we miss something about the new iPad release? Wait a second, this is a line-up at the Minto WaterGarden sales centre!
While lines for new condo releases aren’t unheard of, this is certainly a big deal because Minto WaterGarden, by (you guessed it!) Minto, is located in Thornhill. Now, we’re not Thornhill historians over here, but we feel quite confident saying that this is the first time in history that there’s been a line for a condo release in Thornhill.
The VIP broker event was yesterday, yet the line-up began to form on Monday. This is unprecedented! There were over 40 people who signed up for the sales list and busy brokers were paying people to stand in line for them so they could get the best access to “suite” deals.
Now this wasn’t a mob descending upon the sales centre, it was actually a highly organized affair! One broker acted as the “head organizer” and there were strict rules for line-standers (is that the proper term?) to follow.
The BuzzBuzzHomies, armed with a camera and a few litres of coffee, headed over to Thornhill to see the Minto WaterGarden line for themselves. Here’s a few photos we snapped during our evening spent embedded in the line.

Here’s some proof we were there just so you don’t think we took some photos from the lines at the last Apple launch.
People were leaving notes on their chairs even if they were leaving just for a moment to use the washroom or grab a bite to eat. They were very cautious about others stealing their spot in line.
The master list. There were roll calls during the day at agreed upon times — usually every few hours — when the organizer read the names from the list. If someone was absent, they were stricken from the list.
BuzzBuzzHome’s own special blend. Served with a hint of honey of course.
Some were bleary eyed when we arrived but everyone was perking up when we cracked open the coffee containers.
It’s roll call time, elementary school style! We showed up just as the 10pm roll call was happening.
Just to give you a sense of how big the crowd was…

Well, it pretty much goes without saying that Minto WaterGarden‘s VIP broker event was a resounding success. Without a doubt it was a monumental event for the Thornhill development scene.

Congratulations to Minto for creating a project that inspired such a huge demand!

Minto WaterGarden is still in its registration phase. Visit the Minto website or email mintowatergarden@minto.com for more information.

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