From Sydney to Melbourne to Wollongong, across the board Australians are building the biggest homes in the world.

New data commissioned from the Australian Bureau of Statistics by Commsec, a financial services company, shows that the average floor area of new homes (both houses and apartments) is 214.1 square metres (2305 square feet).

The United States is Australia’s traditional rival when it comes to the “biggest homes in the world” title, but in the three years the average home size in the US has shrunk, allowing the Aussies to score a decisive victory.

The most recent data indicates that new homes in Australia are approximately 10 per cent bigger than new American homes.

How does Canada fit into the picture? According to, a freestanding new home in Canada is about 177 square metres (1905 square feet).

So what do you think? Do you live by the age-old proverb, “bigger is better?” If so, it looks like Canada has some catching up to do!

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