Buying a preconstruction condo can be difficult for some people because they dislike the idea of purchasing something that doesn’t physically exist yet.

It’s not that they’re concerned their condo won’t be built, it’s more that they prefer to see what they’re purchasing before they put the money down. While renderings and model suites mitigate the problem, they don’t solve it.
The upshot of all this is the amount of space for innovation. Currently, there are a number of Canadian companies offering solutions by merging animated renderings with interactive technology.

One such company is Toronto-based 3Di Solutions, who are hoping to bring their new interactive show room technology to a sales centre near you.

Using a video game engine, the 3Di team created what they call a “realtime interactive 3D product visualizer.” It creates highly detailed and interactive 3D content including everything from exterior renderings of the building, different suite designs inside and the neighbourhood surrounding the development.

The visualizer integrates touchscreen technology allowing users to navigate their own path around the interior and exterior, depending on the scope of the design requested by the developer’s sales team.
While tools of this nature aren’t exactly new on the scene, 3Di believes they’ve created a thoroughly unique experience by using the gaming engine.
“Game engines are fantastic platforms of play, for obvious reasons, but they are also great visualization tools, allowing a user the freedom to explore a space as an active participant rather than a passive audience,” explains Daniel Stopnicki, one of originators of 3Di’s interactive showroom.
3Di is offering “turn-key” solutions to developers who’d like to take advantage of the interactive showroom. They consult, source, install and maintain hardware solutions, from iPads, to monitors and even to large, through-glass projected imagery. In other words, this isn’t some kind of high-tech Ikea. 3Di will do all the assembly that’s required.
According to Stopnicki, one of the most exciting possibilities with this new technology is the potential for buyers to browse, register or interact with the developer’s product 24 hours a day.

The idea is that an interactive “membrane” would be installed on the interior of the sales centre’s front window, but people would still be able to use the touchscreen from the exterior, thus allowing interactive browsing to go on well after sales centre staff have left for the day. The fancy membrane would remain inside and protected, ensuring no damage would be done to the display.

You’ll be able to see similar technology by 3Di in action at ING Direct’s Yonge and Shuter Cafe beginning in September.

Stopnicki also believes that the interactive visualizer would offer users a unique experience inside the sales centre as well, allowing them to interact with the product by modifying and exploring it in a fresh way.
Sounds like cool stuff! And judging by the video below, it looks like cool stuff too!

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