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August 11, 2011

Special congratulations to Mark Slutsky, an investor at BuzzBuzzHome, on this cinematic success. And, of course, congratulations to the entire “Sorry, Rabbi” production team. Great job!

The film buffs at BuzzBuzzHome always look forward to the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s one of the most exciting times to live in or even just visit the city due to the influx of media, celebrities and all around great cinema.

So when we found out that writer, director and BuzzBuzz investor, Mark Slutsky, had his film “Sorry, Rabbi” accepted to this year’s TIFF line-up, we were absolutely floored!

Sorry, Rabbi is a comedy short set in Montreal. The film revolves around the cultural clash that occurs when Josh, a young Jewish man living in the Mile End area of Montreal, has a run in with a group of Hasidics and is accused of antisemitism.

The story was inspired by Mark’s encounter with a group of Hasidic men which resulted in a misunderstanding that reflected the barriers between their communities.

“I began to wonder what would have happened if I had used the opportunity to penetrate their community — if I had gone to their rabbi and tried to forge some sort of mutual understanding,” Mark explains. “That became the basis of Sorry, Rabbi.”

Mark’s screenplay for the film won the 2010 English language prize at the Quebec short film screenplay contest Cours écrire ton court.

The film stars actor-director Jacob Tierney, known for his roles in Good Neighbours and The Trotsky, and Jessica Paré, who’s been generating substantial buzz for her role as Don Draper’s new bride on AMC’s hit series Mad Men.

A friend of BuzzBuzz from the beginning, Mark has always had a special place in our hive. We’re thrilled about his success and hope the premier goes spectacularly!

TIFF begins on September 8th and runs until the 18th. The TIFF schedule isn’t available yet but make sure you check out showtimes for Sorry, Rabbi when it’s released.

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