There’s no shortage of research into how creating walkable neighbourhoods encourages more folks to ditch their cars and use their feet to get around.

But a new study by the UK-based Transport for London has explored the intriguing question of what type of person chooses to walk more.

The results might surprise you. Using a large travel survey and demographics data for London, the study was able to find that women, single adults and young people are the biggest walkers.

We suppose it makes sense that younger people walk more often. Younger = more energy, right? According to the study “Generation Y” or those born between 1979 and 2000 are more likely to be looking to live in walkable urban locations and generally embrace the walkable lifestyle.

Women walk more often than men, however men tend to walk longer distances when they do decide to make a trek on foot. Men who are in relationships with children walk even less, while women in relationships with children walk more. This could be chalked up to the fact that, on average, women are more likely than men to spend time at home looking after their children. It makes sense that they would make walking trips to school, for instance.

And here’s one more reason not to feel bad that your boy/girl friend just broke up with you! Now you’re more likely to get exercise. The study found that single adults walk more than people in relationships.

Hard to imagine what the reason behind this could be… Doesn’t the typical romantic date often involve a pleasant walk about town? Or has that stereotypical notion of romance been replaced with the more practical How I Met Your Mother marathon as the go-to intimate evening?

Interesting food for thought to say the least! 

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