August 8, 2011
What sets a great development apart from a good development?

Of course, there’s no single all-encompassing answer, but there’s one path that developers can take that’s sure to drive purchasers to the sales centre and grab a considerable amount of media attention for the project.

There needs to be something unique about the development, something that no other developer can claim to offer. A perfect example of a unique attribute gaining a lot of attention is Festival Tower‘s connection with the Toronto International Film Festival and Bell Lightbox venue.
When the annual film festival begins in September, Festival Tower will be a focal point for all the celebrity buzz and amazing cinema that TIFF has to offer. The Daniels Corporation, the developer behind Festival Tower, took the cinema angle and ran with it. One of the most incredible amenities that Festival Tower offers is a state-of-the-art theatre that seats up to 55.
It’s definitely a sight to behold, but Festival Tower is chalk full of other fantastic amenities worth exploring. That’s why the BuzzBuzz crew took a trip down to King and John to get the full tour. Check out our photos from the amenities tour below!

We begin at the entrance (logically). The red doors are meant to give off a celebrity “walking the red carpet” vibe. We’d say mission accomplished!
We’re not exaggerating when we say this is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen in a condominium lobby. This is artist Peter Powning’s “The Fantasm”, a series of backlit video monitors that pulse with energy.
The first floor lobby in all its glory! Mike Niven, Festival Tower’s interior designer, went for  a “boutique hotel” look when designing the lobby space.
The Resident Services Director is on hand to assist residents with booking rooms for events and signing you up for that yoga class you resolved to take.
Wireless internet and comfy seating abound in the Tower Club, a hip yet relaxing environment for residents to enjoy.
This beauty can be rented out by residents for private parties. The best thing is size doesn’t matter! You can have plenty of space for a small intimate gathering or pack the area full of friends. Then, if you’re feeling like some entertainment, you can take your party into the theatre for a viewing.
Arguably the crown jewel of Festival Tower, the 55 seat theatre. Of course, it’s ideal for cinephiles to enjoy a Fellini or Lynch film , but the kids can hook up their X Box and sports fans can watch the game in this huge state-of-the-art theatre too!
It’s amazing how silent the theatre was. Festival Tower is in the heart of downtown Toronto, but you would never know it standing in there. Perfectly soundproof.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the amenities that Festival Tower has to offer, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for more photos! Check back tomorrow for part two of the tour…

Suites are still available at Festival Tower. Call the sales centre at 416 203 2020 or visit the development’s website for more info.

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