The final movie in the Harry Potter series was released to much fanfare last night. Young kids and adults alike lined up at theatres, many clad in full wizard regalia, to catch the midnight screenings of the incredibly popular film. We know our own Leonard the Bee was out there, wearing his wizard costume proudly. So with both wizards and muggles rejoicing over the film’s release, we thought we’d celebrate in our own way with one of our famous countdown. So we give to you the top 5 Harry Potter themed rooms… Have a look:

Someone definitely put a lot of time into this one. This room comes complete with wizards hat and official Hogwarts cloak.

You might recognize that car from the Chamber of Secrets. Very nice touch!
No better way to give your room a Potter twist than having life-size lego characters in your room.
Definitely a great one for siblings sharing a room, Ron Weasley-style.
You’d have to be a pretty “Sirius” Harry Potter fan to recreate this bedroom.
Hogwarts! Ah no, not really. This is actually the dining hall at Victoria College at U of T. The first thing most people note is the distinct Hogwarts vibe that the Burwash Dining Hall exudes. We just threw this one in for good measure.

Hope all you Potter fans enjoyed this list as much as you enjoyed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

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