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July 10, 2011

Odds are that the owner of this house in Warsaw won’t be able to have any claustrophobic friends over.

Architects of the home are calling it the narrowest house in the world and at just under 60 inches wide, we’re thinking that they have a pretty solid claim to that title.

It’s still a fully functioning 4 storey home — with a bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen and a ladder instead of stairs that will allow the owner to move from floor to floor. Apparently, a traditional staircase was too difficult to accommodate with only 60 inches to work with.

The home is crammed in an alley between two much larger buildings in the Polish capital.

So who wants to live in this narrow abode?

Why Israeli writer Etgar Keret of course! Mr. Keret, a well known short story writer and graphic novelist, will be the first to experience the super narrow lifestyle.

We’ll see if this cramped house helps with the creative process… We guess we’ll find out when Mr. Keret published his new novel.

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