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July 30, 2011

Most of us know Kijiji as a place to buy and sell all sorts of stuff on the cheap, but a place to spurn an unfaithful ex-lover? Kijiji just got a lot more interesting!

The big lolz come to us from a poster in the GTA who is selling “his half of the bed” after, we assume, separating from his wife because of her infidelity.

Is this hilarious, or just a spiteful jerk move? Have a look at the ad and you be the judge:

The Kijiji ad has received 16,588 views since it was posted at the end of June. That’s a lot for half a bed! It doesn’t look like anything special so we’re guessing the volume of views has more to do with the number of sweet burns contained within.

While public spurnings aren’t for everyone, you have to hand it to the husband for not taking his wife’s infidelity lying down (hee hee).

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