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July 5, 2011

While $100,000 is a lot of money to spend on a car, it’s unlikely to inspire any double takes. But how about spending $100,000 on a place to park that car?

Well, that’s the amount that residents of Toronto’s Four Seasons will be set back if they want an additional space to park in the building.

Suites in the west tower come with two parking spots while suites in the east tower come with one, but additional spots cost extra.

Those are New York City prices right there, so is this just another sign that Toronto is becoming a world city? Jump in the conversation, here.

The $100,000 parking space is obviously a first for the city, but it’s also a first for the country. Even though Toronto is not the most expensive city to live in — that honour goes to Vancouver — it appears to be the most expensive city to park in.

The price tag is high, however, the Four Seasons is a luxury development, so of course the price of parking will correspond to the price of the suite.

We still did a double take when we saw that price tag and we’re wondering if the purchaser of the $28 million penthouse suite at the Four Seasons did too… 

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