June 28, 2011
For most new condominium projects, innovative green features are increasingly important when attracting potential buyers. Ironstone Condominiums, a new high-rise development in Burlington, is raising the green feature bar with their new geothermal heating and air conditioning initiative.
The development, by Davies Smith Developments, will be one of the first buildings in Canada to be equipped with geothermal technology, allowing the condo to draw it’s energy from an underground source.
Geothermal energy is solar energy stored in the ground, where the temperature remains between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius all year. It’s a renewable source that will heat or cool the building as needed through the use of fluid traveling in an underground network of pipes. Sustainability is the name of the game here as geothermal energy will reduce Ironstone’s reliance on fossil fuels.

It’s also super reliable. The electrical and gas grids can go out, but the sun definitely doesn’t. That means geothermal energy will always be there to heat and cool Ironstone.

This technology isn’t a revolutionary new discovery. In fact, it’s been around for decades. However, interest has piqued in the last few years, especially in the residential suburban market, because of government tax rebate incentives and private sector financial programs. It’s now beginning to catch on in multi-residential and commercial high rises as well.
Even more interesting is how this affects maintenance fees. While Ironstone residents will pay normal fees covering geothermal utility cost and any ongoing maintenance of the system, this technology is advantageous because it will keep resident’s monthly costs-of-living stable over a twenty to thirty year period.
But, wait… How does that work?
Well, as you probably know, hydro, gas and oil prices are prone to spikes dictated by complex external factors that, while interesting to some people, aren’t really worth getting into here. Increases in geothermal costs, on the other hand, are governed by normal cost of living inflation. That’s a big win for owners!

GeoXperts began drilling for geothermal energy last week. Photo via GeoXperts
GeoXperts, the company building and operating the geothermal system at Ironstone, have already broken ground, drilling for geothermal energy. They will drill 75 holes (four inches in diameter and 560 feet deep) to accommodate the piping and enhanced grouting that will be constructed beneath the condominium’s base.

The geothermal heating and cooling system will ensure that residents reduce their carbon footprint just by moving in. Photo via GeoXperts

This system is a big deal, but the green features at Ironstone don’t stop there. The building’s geothermal technology will be complemented by solar panels to help provide electricity and green roof areas. It will feature a private 15,000 square foot courtyard and several lofts and suites will walk out onto landscaped terraces.

Amazing stuff! Ironstone is certainly “going for the green” with these great features.

Interested? Head over to their presentation centre at 1940 Ironstone Drive in Burlington. See more at their website by clicking right……. here.

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