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May 6, 2011

The Vancouver Sun reported yesterday that the City of Vancouver is considering a comprehensive land use plan along the Cambie Street corridor and Canada Line that would deeply alter the way a notable swathe of the city will develop.

As the Sun reported, “From 16th Avenue to Marine Drive, postwar bungalows, ranchers and modest single-family homes have long occupied most of the frontage of Cambie’s wide heritage boulevard. But under a proposal now before council, over the next 30 years the corridor would transform into a series of denser “transit-oriented” neighbourhoods with multiple-unit condos ranging from four storeys in the north to 12 storeys at Oakridge to 36 storeys at Marine Drive.”

The plan could see as many as 14,000 new residents living in the area by 2040 and proposes to fill in the new Canada Line with taller buildings than exist today. One of the more controversial aspects of the plan is that it insists that 20 percent of all new housing be rental.

Developers and architects are hailing the plan as visionary but there also exists a predictable degree of opposition. The Sun quotes Todd Constant who told the newspaper that the line would “[destroy] the neighbourhood and the community where we live.”

Peter Busby, an architect, disagrees. He told the city council that “the transit nodes represent fantastic opportunities to create mixed-use communities within walking distance of those transit access points. There are many other people in Vancouver who will thank you for supporting the Cambie corridor plan. It’s the right thing to do.”

Stay tuned, Van!

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