Cliff Peskin


April 14, 2011

The Canucks have spoken. They have declared real estate fees too high, oh snap.

According to a new national Harris-Decima poll the majority of Canadian home owners (74 per cent) say real estate commissions are too high.

The poll was commissioned by, Canada’s leading “do it yourself” real estate marketing service. Inc. is therefore interested in convincing Canadians that the traditional model of buying and selling homes is overly expensive and that the PropertyGuys alternative is a better deal for buyers and consumers.

Their poll also revealed that 79 per cent of Canadian home owners believe the time has come to allow new technologies to change the way they sell their home.

“High-fee real estate agents are a relic of a different world, a different economic reality and a different home owner,” says Melanson. “In a networked world, where eBay is replacing newspaper classifieds, Expedia is replacing travel agents, and Netflix is replacing the video store, is replacing the high-fee real estate agents model. is transforming the way people sell their home.”

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