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April 30, 2011

Inspired in part by the infinity pool planned for The Station and BISHA, we pledged to find the most awe-inspiring collection of infinity pools in the world.

Well, here it is. The Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia (slightly northwest of Barbados) apparently boasts an infinity pool in every room. The hotel was designed by Nick Troubetzkoy to meld into the harmony of the Caribbean landscape.

To our eye, he succeeded with flying colours. Not only does the resort blend calmly into the mountainside, it uses the infinity pools to perfect effect when looking from the hotel out onto the ocean.

Here’s a taste of what we mean:

Price for a night in this serenely beautiful joint? From $950 to $2,700 (USD). And to anyone from Jade Mountain Resort: BuzzBuzzHome is, of course, always willing to be flown down for a thorough review!

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