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April 20, 2011

According to the annual global wellbeing survey from Gallup, 69 percent of Canadians feel their lives were “thriving” in 2010, which puts us and the Swedes in a tie for second place.

Denmark is the world’s happiest country with 72 percent of Danes “thriving”.

Beyond a group of rich, mostly Western countries, however, Gallup found that the world is a pretty glum place. Across the 124 countries for which data was available (hint – where no data is available, people aren’t generally too content) a median of 21 percent of people feel they’re “thriving”. This number is unchanged from last year.

In last place Chad, for example, only 1 percent of people polled said they were doing well.

Happy faces – click to enlarge

Canada is not without its challenges, however: 30 percent of Canadian felt they were “struggling” and 2 percent said they were “suffering”. All in all though, we’re doing well – now, if only we could figure out how to export smiles.

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