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April 24, 2011

Part of the appeal of a private island is the cachet provided by some notion of exclusivity, right? Sure, but introduce some cash and certain celebrities’ islands are suddenly much more welcoming. Increasingly, reported CNN recently, celebs are renting out their slices of tropical paradise, provided the money’s right.

The island at top, left, for example, belongs to a certain Sir Richard Branson, but can be yours for $54,500 a night (all figures USD). The founder of the Virgin empire owns the entire island, located (fittingly) in the British Virgin Isles.

“Necker Nymph”

The island features a vast Balinese-style lodge and 60 full-time staff, including a team of watersport instructors who are qualified to lead underwater expeditions in the island’s diving ski-jet (pictured above). That sticker price opens to doors to you and your 27 closest amigos and includes meals drinks and, of course, wireless internet.

Less into patronizing a telecommunications giant and more into magic? You may want to consider renting billionaire illusionist David Copperfield’s Bahamas island. Not only does Copperfield own his island of Musha Cay, but he bought a buffer of ten small surrounding islands for privacy – because your secluded island is just not the same with other occupied private islands within eyesight.

$37,500 per day rents you the place – the coolest feature of which is the chance to play on Harry Houdini’s own billiards table.

Copperfield’s Musha Cay

Harry Houdini not included

Movie buff? Happen to know an actor by the name of Marlon Brando? Well, he used to own a majestic cluster of islets encircled by a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean. Brando apparently discovered the spot while scouting locations for his film Mutiny on the Bounty. With his Tahitian wife, Tarita, Brando built a hotel on the island in 1973, which remained operational until his death in 2004. Brando’s son, Simon, is now the island’s caretaker (and only inhabitant).


While not currently open for business, the island will reportedly soon be home to a private ‘eco-luxury resort,’ whatever that is.

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