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April 6, 2011

Ottawa! Yep, according to, Ottawa-Gatineau is Canada’s best bet when it comes to ‘livability’.

The personal finance website took out their calculators late last month and rang through data on 180 Canadian cities. Points were awarded for a wide range of criteria including the ability to walk or bike to work; air quality; population growth; unemployment; crime; housing; household income; and the all-important factor. . .weather! (Though we can’t imagine a more subjective category).’s methodology favours well-rounded cities rather than those that are particularly strong in certain high-profile categories like, say, culture or housing.

Among Canada’s large cities, Edmonton ranked next-highest after Ottawa-Gatineau at number 8. Winnipeg grabbed spot 10, Calgary sits at 16, Vancouver is 26, Toronto is 88, and Montreal is numero 123. (For the purposes of the list, very large cities were broken down into their constituent ‘census metropolitan areas’.)

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Another day, another ranking of Canadian cities, though, in poll after poll, it does seem clear that Ottawa-Gatineau is the Canadian standard-bearer in terms of metropolitan quality of life. The rest of Canada should learn a thing or two – or just become the nation’s capital.

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