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April 13, 2011

File this one under ‘How’d We Miss It?’

In late March a Russian billionaire bought a 25,500 square foot mansion in Los Altos, Calif., for $100 million, making it, according to the Wall Street Journal, the highest known price paid for a single-family home in the U.S. (though, obviously this is a hard fact to verify).


The billionaire in question is a bloke named Yuri Milner. Yuri heads Digital Sky Technologies, a well-known Moscow-based fund that has invested heavily in Facebook (never heard of it), Groupon (group what?) and Zynga (Jenga?) in the past few years.

The $100 million home was inspired by an 18th century French chateaux and features indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom, and a wine cellar. Oh yeah, and it looks onto San Fransisco Bay. According to William Hablinksi, one of the architects who worked on the project, there was “no real budget” when the home was built through the 2000s by businessman Fred Chan and his wife Annie.

Will the house be Mr. Milner’s base for when he needs to consult with his high-tech colleagues in Palo Alto? Maybe someday; a spokesman said Milner has no immediate plans to move into the home.

Double wow.

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