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March 26, 2011

A three-building, six-storey condominium project is set to rock and roll in Richmond, BC. Normal enough, right? How about if we told you it’ll be built out of wood?

Yep, taking advantage of changes in the building code, a project known as Remy is going to be one of the first developments with a wood frame in British Columbia to reach six storeys in height.

The building code changes were made to align with a 2009 piece of provincial legislation called the Wood First Act which requires wood to be considered as the primary building material in all new publicly funded buildings (Remy includes affordable housing units for seniors paid for, in part, by the province and by the feds).

As the Vancouver Sun reported the other day:

The three-building project is being constructed quite differently than a concrete building. . . The elevator shafts are wood, rather than concrete blocks, and the lower storeys are built more solidly because of the additional pressure the buildings face because of their height.”

Word is contractors are generally lukewarm on the new ‘wood-first’ protocol. The question is: Will we see more wood-intensive condos beyond logging-dependent BC?

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