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March 13, 2011

You know that we at BuzzBuzzHome take pride in venturing out into the world of unusual architecture in order to bring you pictures of, and information on, the coolest, most innovative and, yes, often strangest, pieces of residential architecture that this wacky planet has to offer.

This week: ‘The Narrow House‘ designed by a Brussels-based architect named Bassam El Okeily.

The house is located in Bilzen, a city in east Belgium and is notable largely for its wicked street facade. A kind of very thin atrium, with two balconies overlooking it, opens to the street by way of a whole lot of glass. At night, this front window is lit up in any number of colours, turning the home into a slightly scary public light sculpture.

Mr. El Okeily was hired by a couple in their sixties, one of whom is an artist and uses the house’s third-level space as a studio.

And, in case you wondered about the name, the house sits on a lot only 5.3 metres wide.

There’s just something menacing about figures standing in the blue light

Not so creepy by day

Slightly more conventional in the kitchen. . .

Great work Mr. El Okeily!

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