Cliff Peskin
March 30, 2011
It will take a normal elevator 12 minutes to get from the bottom to top floor. It will be double the height of the world’s current tallest building. It will rise 1 mile into the sky.
Sounds almost unfathomable but according to Saudi Arabia this mega structure is being built.
The tower goes by a couple names; The Mile-High Tower as well as The Kingdom Tower. It will be built in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, a fitting name considering tower renderings look like they come from Star Wars.
The 5,280 foot tall tower will cost $14 billion to build and will include a 5 star hotel, residential units, offices and conference halls. An additional $13 billion will go into building a new city that will surround the tower.
To overcome the 12 minutes of extended elevator travel time in traversing the building, engineers will need to build high speed elevators that move at triple the speed of current high-rise elevators.
Watch out Burj Khalifa, your title as reigning champ has a mark on it!

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