Matthew Slutsky
March 14, 2011

At BuzzBuzzHome we are always on the lookout for cool an unique housing options. Months ago I mentioned a house that rotated, which I thought was really cool. However, what about a building that actually moves? Pretty much a building in motion!
Sound to good to be true? Not to Dr. David Fisher! Check out the image on the upper left (image credit to Dynamic Architecture).
It is called Dynamic Architecture (aka the Dynamic Architecture Building; aka the Da Vinci Tower), and if it works would be the coolest building design ever! Boy-oh-boy, I would sure love to see something like this in Canada.
Not blown away by the design? What about the fact that it will produce energy for itself, and other buildings in the neighbourhood, using wind-turbines that are fitted between each floor and solar panels! Yes! That’s right. It would be a power-plant as well!
Is it being built? Where? Who knows!
According to Wikipedia:

“In 2008, the designer of the Dynamic Tower said that he expected it to be completed in 2010. Due to the global financial crisis, delays in acquiring land in Dubai, and patent issues, in 2009 Fisher claimed to finish construction late 2011. However, construction has not started yet, and there has been no official announcement of the building site. Fisher did not “say where the tower would be built, […] because he wanted to keep it a surprise.”

Want to see what it would look like in motion? Check out the video below.

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