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March 2nd, 2011

The Portrait Condominiums [map] presentation
centre is soon to be demolished but worry not, it’s all in the name of progress!

The presentation centre, which includes a beautiful model suite, is on the site of Portrait’s future west tower where excavation is almost set to begin.

Of course, another positive aspect of the demolition is the ‘Demolition Sale.’

Here’s the scoop: From now until March 7th, buyers of suites will receive a free parking space valued at $25,000, an upgrade to hardwood floors throughout the suite, and as much as $15,000 cash back.

Occupancy at the 8-storey, 188 unit mid-rise boutique condominium by Norstar Group of Companies is slated for early 2012, and, as we reported a few weeks ago, construction is proceeding smoothly.

The lobby, complete with lobbyists. . .

Learn more about Portrait Condominiums by Norstar Group of Companies by visiting their website or, for the next few days at least, visiting the presentation centre at 695 Sheppard Avenue West.

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