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March 21, 2011

Just when we thought we’d closed the book on Vancouver’s Olympic Village condominiums (now known as The Village on False Creek) we learn that last week a group of owners launched a suit against the City of Vancouver claiming that their units are poorly built and badly designed.

As CBC reported, 62 owners are involved and have a variety of complaints: lack of heat; lack of space for standard beds and leaky windows and ceilings, for example.

Said Brian Baynham, the group’s lawyer:

They want out because they bought into something that was advertised and sold to them as world-class luxury. What they ended up with is something far less, something that is really no better quality than rental units — and then all sorts of things aren’t working.”


George MacIntosh, counsel for the companies who have been assigned by the City of Vancouver to sell The Village on False Creek condos, reserved comment except to offer an intriguing explanation: basically, that the owners in the suit are furious about recent price reductions for the unsold units.

And the saga continues. . .

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