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March 3, 2011

At his team’s spring training session last week New York Yankees’s co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner complained that last year some of his players seemed “too busy building mansions” to properly focus on winning baseball games.

The remark was directed at a certain shortstop named Derek Jeter and, luckily for Mr. Steinbrenner (and unluckily for Yankees opponents, including the Toronto Blue Jays), the mansion is finally finished.

So how big is it? Well, as the New York Times put it recently, the Tampa Bay mansion is, at 30,875 square feet, “slightly smaller than an average Best Buy electronics store.” Jeter bought the three lots that the new house sits on for $7.7 million.

The house, which overlooks Hillsborough Bay (just south of downtown Tampa Bay, Florida), features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, two boat lifts, a drive-through portico and two three-car garages.

Take a glance (pics courtesy of the Times):

The influx of sightseers has prompted officials to post a ‘5min parking’ sign across the street

Security features are noticeable and include a six-foot high fence

Our favourite quote from the report comes from a sanitation worker who identified herself as Brenda. “It’s a big house,” she said “but he don’t have no yard.”

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