Matthew Slutsky
March 15, 2011

I am in the mood for cool condos, and I want to see some soon in Canada!

Yesterday I told you about the rotating Dynamic Architecture building, and today I am going to show you New York’s 56 Leonard, in Tribecca.
Without a doubt Canada has some really, really, cool condos, but I always enjoy looking beyond our borders at other cool renderings and buildings for inspirations on our future.
Sure, many of the super-cool buildings may never get built, but it still gives us something to think about, and ideas for future buildings! Heck, I am not sure that this building to the left is still selling. I should have done some more research! But, this post isn’t about what is actually being built.
Check out the image above, and the images below. Super-cool! Actually, this condominium reminds me of Toronto’s 155 Cumberland on Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood meeting Exhibit Residences (one of the coolest around).
Each floor is stacked atop one-another, but slightly askew.
Homes in the planned condo range from 1,430 square feet to 6,380 square feet.

Yes. I want one. Yes. I want one in Canada!
Check out the video, below, it is pretty awesome and reminds me a Condo Marketing meets Inception:

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