Matthew Slutsky
March 8, 2011

Go Canada Go! Not only did I see Toronto featured in the TV show 30 Rock recently, I also was watching Shameless, which also featured Toronto. Okay. Fine. Neither episode portrayed Toronto in a positive light, but people are talking Canada.
It appears that Canada is gaining popularity around the world. Check this: The BBC just released their “World Service Country Rating Poll”, where Canada placed in 3rd.
Germany remains the most popular nation in the world with a 62 per cent approval rating, four points ahead of second-placed Britain.

The poll was conducted between December and February, and 28,000 people worldwide were asked to rate the positive and negative influence of 16 major nations by international polling firm GlobeScan and the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.

Fourth place goes to Japan, fifth to France and sixth to Brazil.

The American TV shows might be making fun of Canada, but the joke is on them…. The United States came seventh ahead of China, South Africa and India. Iran was bottom of the poll.

Nod to @amitandroy for bringing this to our attention on Twitter.

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