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February 4, 2011

The following is a guest post by Tim Ng. Tim is a Partner at ADhoc – Real Estate Visualization Studio. They’re the people responsible for many of the cool interactive displays you’ve seen at presentation galleries…. everywhere! Not to mention some of the super-cool renderings being seen all over the highrise and lowrise scene in the GTA.

Through movement our hands prompt communication; from touch they provide stimulus, and with the assistance of automation they effectively place the universe at our fingertips. It is for this very reason that a number of world-renowned firms rely so heavily on touchscreen technology and it is the modus operandi for developers striving to capitalize on fast-changing, complex consumer devices.

Although one might suggest that scores of paper and ink equate to incisive marketing, the shift towards touchscreen technology would seem to imply that perhaps the age-old adage – less is more – once again rings true.

No longer are sales representatives burdened with cumbersome traditional display boards and dull archaic blueprints. Instead, visually stunning content can now be summoned instantly, ensuring that a high level of engagement is maintained between a more captivated buyer and an equally technologically savvy sales staff. This makes the buying experience much more comfortable as it allows for greater one-on-one time between the sales representative and homebuyer. The increase in closing rates is an inherent by-product of these touchscreen displays. Enabling information to be direct and streamlined befits the character of today’s breed of consumer.

Touchscreen technology is garnering attention as the ultimate sales tool. Put simply, it is revamping the homebuying experience as well as harmonizing the costs associated with the paperless era.

At the flick of a finger, buyers and sales representatives alike may navigate a myriad of views, simultaneously compare floor plans, browse through an interactive site plan and channel through any rich content they desire on single screen. Even now, setups such as these are being honed to toggle through 360 virtual spins of the development as well as capture buying behaviours and sales data by virtue of real-time touch analytics.

Outfitted with software and internet connection, touchscreen technology also offers real time updates and integration with the most popular social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

It is the capacity to store a wealth of information within a convenient central location which represents an efficient and effective means to showcase all facets of a builder’s enterprise.

The physical interaction involved with the use of a touchscreen display system is not unlike that of the latest capacitive phone, tablet PC or modern motion sensor game console. That is, they are all gesture-oriented devices which inspire and attract users of all ages, signalling that the time is ripe to take advantage of its appeal.

Not so subtly, it would seem that touchscreen technology is proving to be a promising avenue which will not only transport developers into the 21st century, but also represent a key driver en route to sales success.

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