Matthew Slutsky
February 27, 2011

Can you search real-estate by lifestyle??
I spend a lot of my day online, checking the newest and coolest websites, and trying to stay up-to-date on what is possible in the online real-estate world.
I just happened to pass by a new website in beta testing mode, called Wanderfly, and it blew my mind in terms of how people currently search for real-estate and what the online future may look like.
Until now, people traditionally searched via neighbourhood, city, and price-points… but, would it be possible to search by lifestyle?
Wanderfly is not in the real-estate world, but in the travel-world, and they have come up with a cool concept. Check out their website here.
How is Wanderfly different from other online travel services? They can explain it better than me, here:

The vast majority of travel sites ask you exactly where you want to go on your next trip. The problem is that many of us don’t know the answer to this question right away. So rather than making this assumption, Wanderfly solves your problem, helping you find the perfect place to go. By doing this, we hope to save you countless hours of research and stress associated with your trip planning.

This sounds familiar to me! Go to MLS, and they ask you where exactly you want to live, to which most people don’t really know, but they do know their currently lifestyle choices. Could online real-estate searching be changed to ask about what people want, opposed to where they want?
Here is what they have to say about their services:
Wanderfly answers this basic question: “Where can I go?” We are a personalized recommendation engine that helps you discover new and exciting experiences, based on your budget and interests. We suggest more than 1,200 destinations worldwide, and match them with thousands of activities. We help you find, organize, share and book your travel – all in one place – so you can get going and start discovering new places.
Because the process of travel has become such a chore. Rigid parameters instead of expansive freedoms, fixed answers instead of curious inquiries, endless forms and pages instead of simple, beautiful content.
We don’t want to just challenge the status quo. We want to reinvent it.
Wanderfly was created for travelers by travelers who are helping you find something that was taken from you: the true joy and thrill of travel, right from the very beginning. We’re here to get you on your feet and start exploring. To visit places you’ve never heard of, but are exactly what you’re looking for. To get going.
Sounds awesome to me! I am not sure if this currently would have many implications for the new-construction field, however for re-sale this could be revolutionary.

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