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February 10, 2011

A video by Pears on the Avenue [map] by Menkes Development Ltd got unanimous thumbs up as it made the rounds at BuzzBuzzHome headquarters the other day.

We think the video, posted below, nods to the black swan/white swan theme that was the subject of a recent blockbuster (what was it called again. . . ?)

But more importantly, it does a fantastic job of giving the viewer a sense of what Pears on the Avenue will soon look like. An opening shot follows the building from its rooftop down to its landscaped podium before tilting its gaze back up again.

We then swirl around for another view of the exterior before being whisked inside the building’s lobby – anchored, of course, by an impressive spiral staircase. (For more on the staircase check out our Buzz Talk with the building’s architect, Mansoor Kazerouni.)

What follows is a visual tour of the amenities that includes the Roman bath-like indoor pool, the sectioned outdoor terrace space and the multi-purpose party room. Shots of Toronto’s vibrant downtown at night are interspersed with a last look at the elegant suites.

Watch it for yourself, what do you think?

For more information on Pears on the Avenue, click over to their website or visit their sales centre at 164 Avenue Road. And check back soon for the project’s latest buzzzz!

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