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February 6, 2011

Our eyes are on north Texas today as Super Bowl XLV gets set to kick itself off in loveably overbearing fashion.

But our hearts are in Ibiza, where, as we learned from the New York Times recently, an incredible house is perched against a steep, sunny slope.

Enrique Polanco, an art fair promoter in Madrid, took inspiration from Peter Pan, his favourite book as a child, and worked on the design with a Madrid-based architect for two years before construction commenced. The primary objective, says Mr. Polanco, was to impact the surrounding landscape as minimally as possible.

Construction itself took another two years, as the crew worked carefully around trees that were incorporated into the design. Instead of cutting into the slope, the three units that comprise the home – which is built on stilts – follow the natural contours of the cliff and land.

The total bill came to $685,000 CAD, which incidentally, is about the price we’d pay to watch today’s football game from this house.

Take a gander:

A machine was used to match the paint colour to the Ibiza sky

Trees grow right through the buildings

Massive windows show off wooded cliffs that lead down to the beach

And top it off, an infinity pool

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