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February 26th, 2011

A spectacular spiral skyscraper that recently won an architecture competition judged by New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture may soon grace the skyline of Abu Dhabi.

CNN reported this week that Nabito, the Barcelona-based architectural firm that drew up the design, is in negotiations to erect the building in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Known as the Stairscraper, the design’s defining feature is a sizeable garden on every level. The gardens will be nourished by water drawn from a well under the building and pumped up the central core of the structure.

Alessandro Faticanti, one of Nabito’s co-founders, explained that he drew inspiration from a spiral staircase in Turkey:

We were in Istanbul for the opening night of a building we recently built and while we were speaking we [were] astonished by a spiral stair hanging from a building in front of us. We started joking about the form, playing and imagining the possibilities of transforming it into a building.”

The building will reportedly be as environmentally sustainable as possible – at least, as much as an oasis-building in the desert can be.

Each level will soak up the sun at different times of the day

We’re not sure how much snow they get in Abu Dhabi. . .

Details of the negotiation between Nabito and the mystery developer(s) are currently confidential.

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