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January 30, 2011

A 155 meter-long yacht modeled on the streets of Monaco will reportedly cost more than $1.1 billion to build, making it the new record holder for world’s most ridiculously expensive boat.

Currently in design stages, the super-ship will feature a handful of the principality’s landmarks, including the Monte Carlo Casino. Instead of traditional decks the boat will have real, inhabitable buildings, and, pools being totally for run-of-the-mill billionaires, the boat will boast its own beach.

The ship will be able to host a maximum of 16 guests and 70 crew members at once.

Wondering which boat previously held the record? That would be Russian tycoon (and owner of Chelsea Football Club) Roman Abramovich’s yacht, Eclipse, for which he paid about $1 billion.


The boudoir

In other Crazy Yacht news, What’s yellow and black and runs on honey? BuzzBuzzHome’s new $1.2 billion Hive Yacht. Coming soon. . . ish.

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