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January 5, 2011
Okay, so developers often have to overcome obstacles before the meat of the planning can really be done. And there are a myriad of causes for such delays– heritage buildings, shadowing, community protestations, congestion (just to name a few).
But here’s a new one– possible great crested newt population. I would say that this is probably not a risk that’s weighed when a developer decides to buy a piece of land (maybe it should be?). I’m not saying that I’m against saving these newts. I like newts. They’re pretty cute as far as reptiles go. I’m just saying it’s pretty bad luck.
The developer wants to build 100 homes in Carlisle. But they can’t– yet.
According to News and Star:

“…Natural England has objected to the scheme until the great crested newt survey is carried out, probably in April. Bat and reptile surveys were carried out in October.”

Oh, and if you thought that was all, it’s not. The developer has to watch out for bats too.
According to News and Star:

“The developer should also be aware that should any bats be identified during the construction process, all work should stop in order to allow further surveys to be undertaken by a suitably licensed ecologist.”

In addition, they have the regular outcry from the community. Residents in the area worry that traffic brought by the development would infringe on their enjoyment.
Those are some odd obstacles (except for that last one…that one’s pretty standard). Not sure what kind of deal the developer got on this land, but it must have been pretty good.

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