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January 29, 2011

Cranes are swinging, men are working, and bit by bit, Savvy Condiminiums at Cosmo [map] by Menkes Development Ltd is going up!

Buyers at this 22 storey, 286-unit building near the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street will be pleased to know that construction continues smoothly and, barring any seriously inclement weather, the building should get to grade by mid-March.

This past week, the BuzzBuzz team cruised by the site just as workers were heading home after another long day. Two things of note caught our eye.

First, two different types of crane are being used on-site: one is a luffer crane (the yellow one in the pictures) and is used to move loads with precision on constrained sites, like at Savvy; the second is a more common crane, known as a boom crane (the white one in the pictures), and is used where arcs are less-constrained, in this case at the southern side of the site.

A second interesting note is the extent to which the crew is protecting the approximately 15 mature trees that ring the site to the south and east. Two perimeter fences have been constructed to ensure that no equipment comes into accidental contact with them. Further, at each point along the fence where a tree stands, no advertising is present, thus allowing visual confirmation that all is well with the these good ol’ ‘perennial woody plants.’

Also being worked on at the site are, of course, Savvy Townhomes at Cosmo [map].

Overcast skies make for dull photography but c’est la vie:

Mature trees are safe between two rings of fencing

Getting back to grade. . .

View from the southeast corner of the site

Double crane action

Thanks to Ben Malatesta, the Savvy Project Manager for showing us around. Check out the Savvy Condominiums at Cosmo sales centre at 34 Glendora Avenue, or visit their website for more information.

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