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January 11, 2011
The Bridle Path– I guess if you live there then you know that you’ve made it. But if you want to REALLY feel like you’ve made it consider buying this home. It’s 40,000 square feet and priced at $26.8 million. And it’s at 9 High Point Rd.
The thing about this property, is that most people only own one lot in the Bridle Path. This home is set on a DOUBLE lot. The first lot contains the living quarters (22,935 square feet) and the second lot houses your very own 17,645 square foot sports complex. The sports complex includes an indoor tennis court, a bowling alley and, of course, an indoor pool.
Worried about getting back and forth between the two lots? Don’t despair, there’s a tunnel linking the two with an indoor putting green to pass the time on the way. The home also includes a total of 13 bathrooms.
The main home has 19′ ceilings including a 46′ ceiling in the arboretum. There’s also parking for eight cars.
If you’ve ever wanted to host the swankiest party in town– this would be the place to buy. Warren Buffett, composer David Foster, Lionel Richie and Muhammed Ali have all dined at the home.
And, if you’re worried about the variable costs of managing such a property, Moneyville has the scoop:

No word on what it costs to heat the place. But think about this: Property taxes alone are $115,341. That works out to $316 per day. And don’t forget to tip the gardener.

Holyyyyyy cow. That’s a lot of property tax.
Images from the MLS listing, here.

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