Matthew Slutsky
January 10, 2011

At BuzzBuzzHome we are always excited for new technologies that will help the real-estate and new-development industry in marketing and sales endeavors. It is for that reason that we were really excited to see the video below, showcasing the new Microsoft Surface.

According to IGN: “At CES, Microsoft and Samsung unveiled the next generation of the Microsoft Surface experience. It’s PixelSense technology gives LCD panels the power to see without the use of cameras.”

Currently some sales centres have touch-screen monitors that show renderings of buildings, floorplans and views… however, imagine the possibilities with the Microsoft Surface.

Whether it be interactive campaigns from a flyer campaigns or engaging with the new building through the screen, we are sure that the Surface will revolutionize the new-home marketing industry.

Check out the video below, and be sure to watch the lame ending! Teaser alert: who cares if there can be 10-fingers, and I love the failed high-five. Lame ending aside, we are excited to see what will come of these machines.

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