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January 25, 2011

Going against the trend induced by smaller, fuel efficient – and often rather mundane looking – cars, a flashy new parking garage in Miami celebrates, rather than downplays, that city’s famous automobile culture and has unexpectedly become the hottest event venue in town.

As the New York Times reported yesterday:

“in Miami Beach, whose aesthetic is equal parts bulging biceps and fluorescent pink, bridal couples, bar mitzvah boys and charity-event hosts are flocking to what seems like the unimaginable marriage of high-end architecture and car storage: a $65 million parking garage in the centre of the city.”

Known as 1111 Lincoln Road, the garage is the brainchild of Robert Wennett, a “colourful Miami developer,” who interviewed 10 leading international architects before settling on the Swiss firm, Herzog & de Meuron.

This past weekend the space hosted a wedding for more than 200 guests

The building boasts floor heights of up to 34 feet; a remarkable internal staircase, with artwork embedded in its base; and eye-catching (and vertigo-inducing) ledges that rely on industrial-strength cable to hold back people and, of course, cars. There is also a glass cube that houses a designer clothing store which, the Times reporter dryly points out, is probably a first.

The event space, located on the garage’s top floor, can be rented for $12,000 to $15,000 a night.
And if you drive to the event?

That’ll be an extra $4 an hour.

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