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January 12, 2011
Boosted by a successful registrant’s sale in mid-November, sales at The Mercer [map] by Beaverhall Homes and Graywood Developments Ltd have quickly surpassed the 50 percent mark. This feat is made all the more impressive by the size of the building – 415 suites.
Evidently The Mercer (and/or it’s famously infectious jingle) has struck a chord with the downtown Toronto scene. We told you a few weeks ago about how the architectural design copped a glance at NYC’s famous Soho neighbourhood and will utilize both the look and some of the actual brickwork from neighbouring warehouses – a cool flourish that’s surely already won some hearts and minds.
Other touches suggest to your BuzzBuzzHomies that this building, and the team behind it, are serious about bringing a little something new to town. For example, the sales centre already features the ‘living wall’ of greenery that will be installed in the lobby to help filter air and ease greenery-deprived eyes.
Up on the roof of the 6-storey podium, a terrace will offer an expanse of green area and some always welcome outdoor lounging space. Sounds like some serious tranquility.

The sales centre features a nifty model

Rendering of the lobby complete with ‘living wall’ to the right

The list of amenities includes a swanky movie screen room

Will the development industry not rest until absolutely everyone is in shape?
Register for more information about The Mercer at their website.
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