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January 17th, 2011

You may feel that the new ad for The Mercer [map] by Beaverhall Homes and Graywood Developments Ltd looks vaguely familiar. It should.

As we reported last week, sales at The Mercer recently shot past 50 percent and so the team behind the project must have thought: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just change it up a little.

The new campaign will feature another Abbey Road-esque shot of three figures crossing what looks to be John Street. But instead of a pretty young woman, a handsome dude struts across the frame. He’s dressed in different sets of attire that we think suggest the various aspects of life that The Mercer happens to cater to.

Plus, the three shots of the man frame an ‘M’ which, as luck would have it, is what ‘Mercer’ starts with (yep, your reporter has an English degree).

Anyway, you saw it here first!

The initial campaign

What the ads are all about. . .

For more information about The Mercer, register at their website. And check out past buzz on the project.

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